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Chocolate Mint
Sports Drink
(12-Drink Case)


This isn’t the neon sports drink you grew up with. Organic ingredients, rapid hydration, and a refreshing taste without added sugars.


🗸 Rapid hydration to fight cramps + fatigue

🗸 505mg of essential electrolytes

🗸 5g sugar + 30 calories

🗸 USDA organic and vegan

🗸 For after a workout or whenever you're feeling dehydrated

Flavors ("Previous/Next" buttons)

🔴 Watermelon Lime

🟢 Chocolate Mint

🟡 Lemonade

🟠 Mango

🔵 Blueberry Peach

Key Functional Ingredients

  • Coconut water
  • Himalayan pink salt